Hunger Pangs

Writing on an Empty Stomach

21 May 1985
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This livejournal began as a personal blog in summer 2003, as I was heading to college. I posted regularly for the next six years. Now it is primarily a personal archive where I can keep information permanently or access it from other computers - most entries are private. (My current blog is OnOneHand on Wordpress.) Please assume publicly-viewable content here is copyright-protected at the time of its posting.

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I believe first and foremost in compassion; it is the basis for my personal and political views. I believe that compassion can compromise but more often requires a resolved stance.

I also believe in science and observation, which means that we cannot define reality based on what we wish it was, and certainly not based on the way those in power wish it was.

I believe that most people grow up defining good and evil in ways that serve themselves rather than by objective criteria such as whether or not it is causing suffering in the world. Changing one's mind be uncomfortable but should not be embarrassing.